Next Level Exposure Camp is an elite basketball camp, primarily focused on the more specific basketball details that make a big difference at the higher playing levels. The camp will feature an NBA championship winning coach, NCAA coaches, and multiple high level players and domestic coaches. The players will be a mix of each position, so they can help pass on what makes them able to compete at a high level in that position.

The camp will be held in Selfoss gyms, Vallaskoli and Iða. It will be for ages 16-20 (2004-1999), and will be from June 6th-9th. There will also be a possibility for residential campers to stay at Vallaskoli (Evening of the 5th – morning of the 10th)

Next Level will include the following for campers to help breakdown basketball and identify strengths and weaknesses of players. Giving them some key points and ideas on how to improve in the summer for next season and beyond. While including some of the traditional camp fun, the 4 days of basketball will include:

– Skill-development stations

– Elite fitness testing

– Basketball tournament every afternoon (5on5 league play the first 3 days, and video recorded semi-finals and finals on the last day)

– Team and individual shooting competitions

Also included in the camp price:

– College and pro exposure

– Lunch every day + snacks

– Free pool access

– Awards/prizes for competitions and individual awards

– Reversible camp basketball jersey

– Assessment cards from coaches on what your strengths are and what your focus should be to improve on.