General information about the operation of the academy

The FSU basketball academy is run by Selfoss Karfa Basketball Club, with good support from the Árborg Municipality and FSu, the local secondary school, Fjölbrautaskóli Suðurlands. The coaches of the academy are employees of the club. Teaching takes place at the Sports Center Vallaskóli, Sólvöllum 2 in Selfoss, which is also home to Selfoss Karfa. From the fall of 2018, the academy will be returning to the KKÍ tournament team, both in the boys and girls category. It is the first time that the academy has brought forward women’s teams, and is a welcomed improvement. In the future students will be offered to represent the FSu-Academy as a team in official competition when possible.

Organization of the Academy

The Academy’s organization involves academy players practicing 3 times per week during school hours, 2x 55 minutes and 1x 110 min. Practice hours are therefore lessons in the FSu school’s timetable and the same requirements apply for attendance, study results and other formal school rules as for other school curricula.

The academy goal is to build help their students become better basketball players in all areas,

  • Technical fundamental skills
  • Tactical understanding/Basketball IQ
  • Physical conditioning
  • Nutritional intake understanding
  • Teamwork training
  • Mental training
  • Leadership skills

This is done either through individualized training on the basic elements of the basketball and through team exercises in which the aspects related to the understanding of the game are covered.

The academy is separate from the work of Selfoss Karfa Basketball (Men’s 1st Division), in that participants do not have to be a member of the club, but rather play in the joint team of the aforementioned four clubs under the logo of FSu-Akademía. The academy is therefore a great opportunity for anyone to improve in basketball and succeed on their own terms.

Number of units

The basketball academy is an option in the school’s curriculum and students receive 5 credits for each course. A total of 6 courses are offered at the Academy.

Registration and costs

Registration at the Basketball Academy, like any other program at FSU, takes place at the school’s office, but the head coach ( and the selfoss basketball manager ( can provide more information if you have any questions.

Registration fee for the Basketball Academy is ISK. 50,000, – per semester. For students residing outside of South Iceland, and also Overseas students please contact Head Coach Caird or the Selfoss basketball management in the email addresses provided above if you need more information. We can provide a summary of costs for an incoming student. Pricing options are available.

Discipline – Respect – Performance

One of the main objectives of this project is to achieve the best results in education and sport; to combine learning at the FSu high school and training with a professional staff, to create a better person out side the gym, and a better athlete inside the gym. Motivation, discipline, and respect for the goals of each individual and the group are required to maximize their success.

This means, among other things, that Academy students do not consume tobacco, alcohol or other intoxicants.

What does it mean to be a part of the Basketball Academy?

Staying at the Academy is a big and important step for an athlete. It involves a commitment to take the sport seriously, to push yourself physically and mentally, and it is a statement of intent to reach as far as possible with a future of basketball in mind. Anyone who attends FSu can register to join the Academy, with the exception of being chosen for competing in basketball academy games.

International cooperation

Cooperation with foreign schools has been an important part of Selfoss Karfa’s work and the Academy being a main focus of that. Many individuals, with the help of their coaches and representatives, have received scholarships at schools in the United States. This includes students from the England, Croatia, Italy, Scotland, Denmark, and other European countries that have studied at the Basketball Academy and FSu. Emphasis is placed on strengthening this aspect of the business in the future.

The opportunity to represent a 1st Division senior team

FSu Basketball Academy is directly linked to Selfoss Karfa, being planned and coached by head coach Chris Caird and assistant coach Mikel Ereo.

Any incoming player outside of the partnership teams (Hrunamenn, Þór Þórlakshöfn, and Hamar) has the opportunity to represent Selfoss senior team if we feel you have excelled in practices and are ready to handle the physicality of competition.

Professional network to advance your playing career after high school

FSu Academy prides itself in the preparation of its student-athletes to play at a higher level, whether it’s at the collegiate level in the USA or professionally overseas/domestic. But preparation is only part of the equation to get to these levels of competition. We can help provide the pathway the student-athletes need and help connect them with the right people (college coaches/trustworthy agencies) according to their goals.

FSu has helped a number of their student-athletes to receive full scholarships in the USA at multiple levels: NCAA Division 1, NCAA Division 2, Junior College Division 1, NAIA Division 1. We have aided our student-athletes in other ways if continued education isn’t the desired path, helping past players with multiple professional contracts.

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