Class 7 tournament

At the weekend, a 7-man tournament was held at the 7th grade of men in Vallaskóli. It was a fun weekend with many fun games and two games extended on Saturday. Our boys in Selfoss did well and won one game but lost the other on Saturday.

The games on Sunday were no less exciting. Our boys won the first game quite safely and ended the tournament with a win after a basket. A three-point shot from Haffa went down in the final whistle and won the game for our men after being below two points with just a few seconds left. The final score of the game Selfoss 27, Countdown 26. This basket secured the boys victory in the riddle and they then play in the c riddle.

Three-stage whistle basket from Hafþór Elí Gylfason:

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Group D 7th grade basketball tournament

This weekend, Selfoss Karfa hosted the Group D, 7th grade basketball tournament in Vallaskoli. It was an exciting weekend of youth games, with 2 games on Saturday going to overtime. Selfoss won one game and lost a game on day 1.

Sundays games were just as intense as Saturdays, finishing with a win for Selfoss Karfa at the buzzer. A long ranged shot from 3 by Hafþór won it for the home side after being down 2 points with seconds to go. The final score: Selfoss 27, Countdown 26. This sends Selfoss through into Group C for the next tournament weekend games.

Link for game winning, last second 3 pointer by Hafþór Elí Gylfason: